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Relais de Charme

Just to few hundreds of meters from the the Piazza Armerina’s striking old city centre with the intact medieval mark made precious by the numerous baroque testimonies along its streets (such as, another chapter of the marvellous historic book that is the Sicilian hinterland), there is a particularly expecial place to hear the pulsating soul of these places, a house to meditate before and after the “vagrancies” which we would under take out and inside of us. It’s called “The House upon the Golden Hill”, a Relais du Charme (four crowns) resulted from an ancient rural house of the end of 19th century restructured with Sicilian typical materials, and placed on an authentic natural belvedere which dominates the ancient town.

All the rooms (equipped with bathroom, conditional air and elegantly furnished), have been baptized with the title of a Herman Hesse’s work (the Wayfarer, Want to Travel, Water-colours, Butterflies, Little happinesses, the Art of Leisure) ensure the maximum privacy in a context where, in the stay typology, the possibility of enjoying wide common spaces is also generous (two wide living rooms, panoramic terraces and a wide garden). During the bracing winter nights, from the B&B “the House upon the Golden Hill”’s panoramic terraces with wide glass-windows, one can enjoy the sight of the enchanting scenery offered by the houses of the district “Canali” surmounted to the impressive and elegant mass of the Cathedral and the Aragonese Castle. An enchanting place, where one will be accepted with kindness by the landlord, mr. Luciano, which i twill be possible to talk lovably and a big quality service will place at disposal.

The B&B “The House upon the Goden Hill” will be pleased, in short, to lodge all the “wayfarers” arriving in Piazza Armerina for a stay which links the visit to the archaeological worldwide importance sites (The Romana Farmhouse Villa, Morgantina, Philosophiana, Rossomanno, March Mountain - all reachable to the maximum in half a hour of car), exploiting in the same time the possibility of enjoying the incommensurable beauty of an uncontaminated nature, discovering the daily life aspects of the territory.

“The House upon the Golden Hill” is besides the ideal “stop station” to undertake comfortable daily trip to Agrigento, Catania, Caltagirone, Enna and the Pergusa’s lake, Gela, Noto, Palermo, Ragusa, Siracusa, Taormina and the Throats Of Alcantara (mentioning only some of the most well known turist goals ), far from few to more than one hundreds of kilometers to.

The beauty and the singularity of “The House upon the Golden Hill”- taken part of the association “Italian Inns” and that has found also a place in the French “Guide du Routard” - qualities do not fear comparisons and the relationship quality/price is widely favourable to the guest. Besides, among the B&B services one can find also Italian and German guides for the Romana Farmhouse Villa, for the old city center and for all the main archeological sites.

Bed and Breakfast a Piazza Armerina, La Casa sulla Collina d'Oro - Via P. Mattarella, snc - 94015 Piazza Armerina (Enna) Sicilia - Italy
Tel.: +39 0935 89680/684148 Mobile: +39 333 4668829 E-mail: info@lacasasullacollinadoro.it