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The coming back from the daily trip will be “coming back home”, and in the morning to wait for the guests' revival over the tables there will be rich and plenty of breakfast with sweet and salted typical products of the territory (from the jams prepared by the mother of Mr. Luciano, to the very fresh rolls, croissants and simple and almond just biscuits brought out). And it will still be possible to taste the salami of black swine of Nebrodi, the pecorino cheeses typical of the zone and the delicious extra-virgin oil produced by the family.

All products are in KM 0.


Bed and Breakfast a Piazza Armerina, La Casa sulla Collina d'Oro - Via P. Mattarella, snc - 94015 Piazza Armerina (Enna) Sicilia - Italy
Tel.: +39 0935 89680/684148 Mobile: +39 333 4668829 E-mail: info@lacasasullacollinadoro.it