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La Casa sulla Collina d'OroIn the footsteps of Hermann Hesse

At Piazza Armerina, in the heart of Sicily and just a few steps from the splendid
Villa Romana del Casale, the ideal stay in the house that you dreamed...

In Sicily, Piazza Armerina, splendid city of the Villa del Casale and its beautiful Roman mosaics, worldwide property of the UNESCO, at few hundreds of meters from the striking old city centre with the intact medieval mark made precious by the numerous baroque testimonies of the civil and religious buildings, B&B "La Casa sulla Collina d'Oro" Relais de Charme will be pleased to lodge you in the old city centre with the intact medieval mark made precioused by the very numerous baroque testimonies of the civil and religious buildings...

Relais de Charme (four crowns) is resulted from an ancient rural house of the end of 19th century restructured with Sicilian typical materials, and placed on an authentic natural belvedere which dominates the ancient town of Piazza Armerina..

The Relais’ beauty and singularity is testified from the presence of this B&B in the most famous Italian Guides such as “Italian Inns” (Slow food Editions), “Guide du Routard”, “Clup” and “Red lobster” (the Sole 24ore 2007 Edition).

All the rooms equipped with bathroom, clima and elegantly furnished ensure the maximum privacy in a context where, in the stay typology, the possibility of enjoying wide common spaces is also generous (two wide living rooms, panoramic terraces and a wide garden).

Top Quality HotelLa Casa sulla Collina d'Oro

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Bed and Breakfast a Piazza Armerina, La Casa sulla Collina d'Oro - Via P. Mattarella, snc - 94015 Piazza Armerina (Enna) Sicilia - Italy
Tel.: +39 0935 89680/684148 Mobile: +39 333 4668829 E-mail: info@lacasasullacollinadoro.it